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Carriagehill Nursery, Green Road, opened in March 2003 and accommodates 44 children aged 0-5 years.

The nursery is open from 7.30am -6pm, Monday to Friday. We have bright and spacious playrooms, all with direct access to outdoor play areas. Directly in front of the nursery we also have an allotment where the children grow various fruits and vegetables.

The nursery is owned by Heather and Stephen Murphy, who are both involved on a daily basis and are strongly committed to providing a quality service.

Our allotment

In addition to our outdoor space at Green Road, we also have an allotment in Brediland Allotments, just across the road from the nursery. We set out to involve parents, staff and children with its development. We are members on the Allotment Committee and look forward to contributing lots of ways to improve and work on our allotment space.

In previous years the produce we have grown has been sold to the parents, and also used for the children’s lunch. The children have the opportunity to see how fruit and vegetables go from a seed to their plate.

This year we have strawberries, onions, tomatoes, pumpkins and lots more! 

We have family days at the allotment to let the grown-ups take part too – parents get together to plant all the seeds and the children decide what they want to grow. We are currently organising one, so keep your eyes peeled for a date soon!

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5 Carriagehill Drive,

Paisley, PA2 6JG

0141 889 9722


12-14 Green Road,

Paisley, PA2 9AB
0141 848 5900